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For a fancy dress competition lots of preparation is necessary.It is possible that your baby might be going on stage for the first time.Rehearse againa and again so that you are well prepared if possible rehearse in fron of the mirror as well.out

Dialogue are an important part of the performance make sure that you practice it sincerely with the accent and correct punctuation. Body Language and Verbal gestures hold a great amount of weightage in most fancy dress competitions .

For fancy dress for your child the exposure is very important to understand the concept. Show them a few pictures online or if possible enact the entire episode in front of them. A family theme fancy dress is always easy and the dialogues are continual and disturbed. Animation comes naturally to children and hence the dialogues can be with the right punch. Use eye expressions and voice modulation and express the same to the child.

A preschool fancy dress has to be with minimum dialogues. Generally the authorities in school also lay the guidelines in a similar fashion. Generally the theme is general so that the kids can be done with simple hire clothes but again for an original creative idea there is always a special prize.

Ideas for fancy dress have to be done with dialogues. For older kids in the Montessori the dialogues can be in rhymes. For a girl dressed as pea pod the child can say, ‘Sweet and green I am peas.’ Or for a butterfly one can have ‘I love honey and flowers, Am colorful. Oh let me hide before the rainy shower.’ Dialogues for a cartoon character must have the subtle sounds they make which kids are naturally aware of. The dialogues need to be simple, must convey the theme and be in the language mentioned in the guideline.


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